Additional Charges For Man Who Set Girlfriend On Fire; Sister of the Victim Speaking Out

“There’s nothing that could’ve been said or done to have an outcome like this,” said Kimberly Gilbert.

Kimberly’s sister, Belinda Cox, was allegedly set on fire by her boyfriend early Sunday morning.

Dwayne Michael Lane has been arrested for the crime, but according to a criminal complaint filed in the Raleigh County Magistrate Court, he now faces these additional charges:
-Malicious assault
-Attempted first degree murder
-Charges of kidnapping
-Third degree arson
-Arson causing serious bodily injury
-Two counts of gross child neglect

The couple was having an argument, and Lane poured gasoline on his girlfriend and then lit her on fire as she ran towards her neighbor’s house for help.

The neighbor told me that she heard loud banging on her door and screams for help, and when she opened her front door she couldn’t believe her eyes. She then helped Cox and her daughter put out the flames as they waited for police.

Days later, you can still see the blood and burn stains on the porch’s carpet.
Cox is currently in stable but critical condition at a hospital in Pittsburgh.

“She’s fighting, just a little bit at a time. We know that God is going to pull her through. We know that he is going to bring her out of this and she’s going to be a living, walking miracle,” Kimberly told us.

Lane is being held in Southern Regional Jail on a $1 million bond, and the first hearing is set for September 27th.

“The community really pulled together to make sure he was caught, and I’m praying that the justice system makes sure he never sees the light of day,” Kimberly said.

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