Above Average Temperatures Hinder Leaves From Changing Colors

GLEN JEAN, W. Va. (WOAY)- Though the first day of Fall is Monday, the leaves on our trees haven’t begun to change color all that much yet.

When we think of Fall, we think of the leaves changing colors and cooler temperatures; however, the above-average temperatures have hindered the changing of colors in leaves. The District Supervisor of the New River Gorge National River with the National Park Service, Dave Bieri, explained why we haven’t seen much of the fall foliage around yet.

“Dryness doesn’t really affect the leaves so much in the fall. For good fall colors, you want some good rainfall in the Spring and Summer months. The dry weather is actually fine for colors. Then fall, the main thing is the temperatures and that’s why we’re not seeing great colors popping out yet. For the colors to really start coming out, you need to start getting some cool, nice weather, especially at night. Cool, dry weather in the Fall is really what you want for good fall colors,” said Bieri.

Bieri also stated that the best places to find Fall colors right now are in the higher elevations, such as Grandview and along the rim of the New River Gorge.

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