AAA Beckley on how to have safe Thanksgiving travels

“We definitely expect Wednesday afternoon on the roadways to be the busiest time between about 2 and 6pm,” said retail manager Kristen Farley. “So definitely recommend that people either leave early on Wednesday or wait until later in the evening to leave if they want to avoid some of that congestion.”

More than 55 million Americans are expected to travel 50 miles or more from home over the Thanksgiving weekend, according to AAA. Our local Beckley office is here to help you stay safe on those roads and beyond.

“Which will make it the third busiest holiday since we started tracking back in 2000,” Farley said.

The most popular domestic destination this year is Florida. Beaches of any kind are always popular during the winter months. But before you set out on your road trip, Kristin suggests making sure your vehicle is up to date on maintenance and you have an emergency kit in your car.

“Things like a shovel, ice scraper, some warm clothes, flares for safety on the roadway if something happens, and some bottles of water and just snacks — just in case you get stuck in traffic or in an accident,” said the retail manager.

She says and make sure you pack your patience, things will be very busy.

“Also remember the ‘slow down, move over law,’ if you do see a stranded motorist or an emergency vehicle on the side of the road — please give them space, slow down or move over, if you can,” Farley said.

Ready to plan that trip, AAA can help you with car rentals, hotel reservations, perks that come with your AAA membership. They partner with Shell to give discounts on gas at Shell stations, and can do routing to your destination and directions.

“Be alert while out on the roads, be patient, plan ahead,” she said. “And just make sure that everyone gets home safe to their families this holiday season.”


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