A Win For Greenbrier County In The Sheriff’s Race

GREENBRIER COUNTY, WV (WOAY) –  The vote of the citizens in Greenbrier County for the sheriff’s race resulted in Sheriff Sloan being able to continue this term.

” I’m very appreciative of voters and the support they have given me and the confidence they’ve placed in me.” Said, Sheriff Sloan of Greenbrier County,

A veteran law enforcement officer who is well known and well liked in the community received a win in the sheriff’s race during this mid-term election.
” Everybody loves Sheriff Sloan.” Said Toni Hughes, Tax Deputy

Being a sheriff is a huge responsibility and is not a profession that can be taken lightly. ” I take the role of law enforcement officer, public servant seriously and I think that’s what we’re supposed to be.” Said Sheriff Sloan

In January 2017 County Commissioner appointed him interim sheriff and he has re-implemented the k-9 unit program, project lifesaver, as well as work with the board of education to implement an emergency notification system in the county schools.

” He is fair, he’s a great listener and he is very kind. He’s just a good person all around.” Said, Mrs. Hughes,

” We can’t solve everybody’s problems that’s not humanly possible but I think that we should be empathetic to people their situations and their problems their facing and do what we can to solve those problems or assist them.” Said Sheriff Sloan

Sheriffs are responsible for investigating crimes, transporting prisoners, securing judges, and much more. ” My goal which may seem lofty is to make the Greenbrier County sheriffs office the best Sheriffs office in the state.

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