A Warm Place To Go, Safe From The Cold

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY) – Not many people like to be out in the cold. There are several local stations and centers that are helping to keep people warm.

It is cold outside and temperatures are continuing to drop which may result in some power outages so if your power goes out and you need a place to warm up you can come here to your designated warming center at the Beckley Dream Center.

“We operate through E.O.C as a shelter and currently we’re on stanby in case there would be needs for us to open.” Said Marsha Smith, Co-Director of The Beckley Dream Center
The wind chill factor is expected to get down to 25 below which will make it hard for people to stay warm.
“Most people in our area has prepared through the years with the power outages and different things that have happened so that they can be, stay in their own home which is where people are most comfortable but again when your wind chill is 25 below and you have no power or you’re living on the streets or whatever it’s important be able to get in out of the cold.” Said Smith
Other designated warming centers along with the beckley dream center are Sophia fire Deptartment, pine haven homeless shelter, and raleigh county commission on aging.
“If we’re a warming center it will be just that, be a place for people to come in and get warm, charge their electronics, have a cup of coffee; that’s bascially what a warming center is. Since we are one of the designated shelters through e.o.c we already have cots and sleeping mats and that type of thing on hand so if we should be called on to open we’re ready.” Said Smith
 There are warming centers open and available in Raleigh and Tazwell County.
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