A Small Business Man Is Warming Up The Community

SUMMERSVILLE, WV (WOAY) – The temperatures are dropping and it is quite cold outside and a small business man in Summerville is warming up the community the best way he knows how.

Dustin Hughes is a small business owner of the store BID C & D War$. He sales a lot of different merchandise and portable heaters happens to be part part of that merchandise. Mr. Hughes bought the heaters to sale in the store but decided to give them away.

“We started it the first night that it got down below zero. I don’t know, it was a hair brain idea. We had a bunch of them in here and I said we needed to give them away. You know there’s not a lot of money invested in them but there is people that are cold out there, so we started them.“ Said Mr. Hughes

There are still 15 heaters left and they are available to those in the community that are in need of a portable heater. You can visit Mr. Hughes store BID C & D War$ on 4089 Webster road in Summerville, WV.

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