Raleigh County mom creates Facebook group to help mothers with postpartum

SHADY SPRING, WV (WOAY ) – A Raleigh County woman is using her social media platform to help mothers going through depression. 

Christian Postpartum Depression Support Group is a Facebook group that connects mothers going through postpartum. The group offers zoom and in-person meetings and has over 165 members from across the world. The group founder and mother of 4, Molly Smith, said she first started the Facebook group after suffering from postpartum after giving birth to her fourth child. 

“I think moms going through postpartum depression feel so alone, and this group lets them know that they are not alone. Just going through such a dark time, you need the support and accountability as well then also to know there are other moms feeling the same way and not just you,” Smith said.  

If you’re a mother and are interested, you can join the Christian Postpartum Depression Support Group on Facebook.  

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