A Possible Law Could Affect Dog Owners

Dog poop at local parks is causing a stink around the city of Beckley.

“I have personally seen pet owners not pick up after their animal. It is just disgusting and it is just not good for the scenery, so to speak. No one wants to see or smell that,” said Miranda Elkins, a resident of Beckley and runner. 

Public trails, parks, neighborhoods and even downtown Beckley are a few of the many places dog owners walk their dogs. However, some of those dog owners are not being very considerate of others when it comes to their dogs mess.

“I have seen them at the parks downtown, in people’s yards. You know, when I’m walking down Kanawha and stuff, so I don’t think that is a nice gift to leave your neighbor,” said Anette Bradshaw, a resident of Beckley and runner. 

Now, the Beckley Common Council is trying to get to the root of this problem, which is causing a stink. Ward 1, City Council member, Tom Sopher, told WOAY, “I am not sure how the Law Enforcement will act but, I know everyone has a cellphone today. So, we can take a picture of the dog poop, people are watching.” 

If you are a dog walker and don’t always have a plastic bag handy to pick up your dogs feces, luckily, there are some public parks that provide free doggy bags. Several of these convenient dog waste bag stations are located throughout Beckley and are easily accessible. 

So, if you are a dog owner or handler, Beckley Council members do encourage everyone to use them. If not, you could possibly be fined in the near future.

“I think it is good if they have dogs and they are walking them. If they go to the bathroom I think it is a good idea to pick up after them or else pay a fine,” said Melissa C. , a resident of Beckley and runner.

The Beckley Common Council is scheduled to vote Tuesday night, August 22, on a citywide law. If this law is passed, it will require all dog owners or handlers to pick up their dogs feces from either private or public property.

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