A new unlimited battle? Verizon revamps unlimited plans with two new options

(BY: ELI BLUMENTGHAL, USATODAY.com) – Is a new mobile price war about to get underway? If so, Verizon has just fired the first salvo.

On Tuesday, the nation’s largest carrier announced it will be restructuring its unlimited data offerings into two new options, “Go Unlimited” and “Beyond Unlimited.”

The “Go” plan, roughly $5 per line cheaper than Verizon’s current unlimited plan that starts at $80 for one line, will limit video streams to standard definition quality and offer unlimited mobile hotspot data at non-4G LTE speeds (600Kbps, or roughly 3G-equivalent).

The premium “Beyond Unlimited” will be $5 more expensive than the current unlimited plan and allow for HD video streaming (capped at a 720p resolution for phones, 1080p resolution for tablets), calling, texting and data in Mexico and Canada and 15GB of mobile hotspot at 4G LTE speeds. “Beyond” users’ data will also take priority over “Go” users at times when Verizon’s network is congested.

Click here to read when the plan goes into effect.

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