A New Program To Help Control Cat Population

FAYETTE COUNTY, WV (WOAY) – There are a lot of animals in the local area that do not have homes. Most times there are more cats than dogs that are seen around the area. People try to help by taking the animals to a local shelter.

Now there is a new option that will help decrease the amount of cats in the surrounding area.

When your out and about you may notice feral cats all over Southern West Virginia, which is why the New River Humane Society and he Fayette County Veterinary Hospital are teaming up to help maintain the population level of feral cats in the area.

Together they’ve created the “Community Cat Program” which is a trap neuter.

Organizers tell us that this is an opportunity for people to save these feral cats as opposed to them automatically bringing them to the shelter.

“We are asking for the public to help make a positive change by either trapping or catching a feral or stray cat, taking it in and having it fixed. It is just so important to the community that we can get these numbers under control.” Said Kiley Price, Board Member.

If you would like to help. Contact the New River Humane Society at (304) 574-2105 for more information. The program is underway from January 21st to February 1st.

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