A New Clinic on South Kanawha Street Has Some Residents Upset

Passions ran high on Monday night as residents packed into the Beckley Council Chambers to protest a new clinic on South Kanawha Street.

Mayor Rappold said the meeting went as he expected.

“I can certainly understand the neighborhood’s concerns. I think that the medical professionals did a beautiful job of stating their case and why this is a compassionate service to a segment of the community that really needs that kind of help,” said Beckley Mayor Rob Rappold.

But a majority of the audience was not swayed by what Dr. Berry, an addiction psychiatrist, had to say.

“If things do not change, if we continue to just do the status quo if we do not make the necessary changes to get people the help they need and to make things better then it is projected that over the next decade there is going to be 500,000 people who die from this disease,” said James Berry, DO.

The brothers who run the clinic did not let this town meeting persuade their vision for the community.

“I hope that maybe they can come around to it but we are going to continue to treat people who need help and we are here to help them,” said Dr. Jawad Zafar.

The residents who are against the clinic being in their backyard vowed to bring a petition with signatures to the next town hall meeting.

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