A McDonald's Reopens Their Doors After June 2016 Floods

Fast pace and ready to serve! 

“We’ve been here since 6 o’clock this morning, waiting for the Big Mac to open up, we are really glad to see it back open, or I am” said, Siles Brown of Summers County, who was the first customer in line. However, Brown wasn’t the only one who was excited to see the doors reopen. Several more fast food lovers and employees were eager as well, after the White Sulphur Springs McDonald’s closed its doors for nearly 14 months after the horrific June 2016 floods. 

“On the outside it was about three feet up. It got inside the building just enough to get in all of our equipment and the floor was busted up. So, like I said, it was just enough that we saw that the building was going to have to be completely rebuild” said, Local Store Market Coordinator, Laura Kiliany. And that is exactly what the owners did, as they officially reopened their doors at 10 a.m. on Thursday, making a comeback that has the community even stronger. They also, gave out a coupon to the first 100 customers for one free Big Mac or Egg McMuffin sandwich, each week for an entire year. Customer, Andre Williams of White Sulphur Springs added, “Its definitely a breath of fresh air, considering the circumstances of last year and not knowing if we would ever have the McDonald’s back open. So, it’s great to see how they remodeled and they’ve renovated things and it’s awesome.” And it has even become the first McDonald’s in southern West Virginia to offer new services. “We’ve got our self order kiosks, which are super user friendly and it just gives customers kind of more control of their ordering process. We also, have table service as well” said, Kiliany. 

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