A Local Wallet Snatcher Has Been Identified

“His hand reached into my purse, grabbed my wallet, and took off running,” said Korrisa Brown from Beckley, West Virginia.

The Beckley Police Department posted a picture Friday of the suspect wanted in connection with this wallet snatching.

“I was standing right here with the buggy and my purse was right here on top and I was trying to ask
her to open up the trunk,” said Korrisa.

That is the moment the predator made his move.

“He walked right behind me. I didn’t even see him but I saw his hand and his hand reached into my
purse,” said Korrisa Brown.

Korrisa Brown was just one of many victims who share her story but this was a crime, like most, that
affected more than just her. It affected her ailing mom as well.

“I was going to stay at the hospitality house up there while she goes through surgery,” said Korrisa about her mother who is having to have open heart surgery this week.

The Beckley Police Department has identified the suspect but they still need the public’s help with
catching this person who took so much from this family.

“I worked every day to earn that money on my paycheck and for it to get stolen from me…who does that,” asked Korrisa.

In the end, Korrisa has learned a valuable lesson but she hopes that this suspect will learn a
valuable lesson himself through the justice system.

“I hope they catch him and throw him under the jail. I am a very nice person and if he wanted some
money all he had to do was ask…I would not have minded. But why did he have to take my wallet like
that,” asked Korrisa?

If you have any information that will lead to the apprehension of this suspect you are urged to call
Ptl Logan Christian of the Beckley Police Department at (304) 256-1720 or West Virginia CrimeStoppers at (304) 255-STOP.

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