A Local Community Leader was Honored Tonight

Bishop Fred T. Simms was awarded the Spirit of Beckley which is given to an individual or family who has done so much to make our community a better place.
The Spirit of Beckley Campaign has been very successful this year.
The local YMCA has already reached 90% of their $100,000 goal.
Every dollar donated is done so in honor of Bishop Simms.
Community Leader Simms says this is not about him but the community.
“As I often say this thing is not about Fred T. It’s all about God. My motto is, the church is the community and the community is the church. We’ve just been blessed of the Lord. He’s been able to connect the dots of life that would allow us to be able to work together, both church and community”, said Bishop Simms.
This is the 31st year the award has been awarded.

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