ONLY ON WOAY: A Good Deed Goes A Long Way: Local Fire Department Helping Those In Haiti

WYOMING COUNTY, WV (WOAY)- In 2016, Hurricane Matthew destroyed 90 percent of Haiti leaving many in deplorable living conditions.


“The food is low. The water is bad. Where we go buy a case of water, they buy a bottle of water everyday and it’s $1.00 per bottle,” said Rick Ashley, Director for Haiti First Responders.


One local fire department is helping to make a difference by teaming up with a disaster relief program for those in Haiti.


“Hopefully, I am able to make a trip down there and do some actual CPR, first aid, EMS and even some fire type instruction for what they are doing in Haiti. So that is next on my agenda. I think I would like to get down there and help out even more,” said Jonathan Cresong, Safety and Training Officer/EMS Coordinator with Upper Laurel Fire Department.


Upper Laurel Fire Department, in Wyoming County, refurbished an old truck and filled it with medical supplies needed to help those suffering in Haiti.


“The truck has built in scene lights on the truck because one of the big problems in Haiti is they sometimes go extended time without power. So with the truck, medical crews have scene lighting to be able to light up their work area,” said Cresong.


The truck can help the citizens of Haiti who are seeking and looking for medical attention.


While West Virginia is thousands of miles from Haiti, firefighters and EMS at Upper Laurel Fire Department are demonstrating the strength of our community by improving the world and making a difference in the lives of those in need.


“I hope to be able to add to the mission and help in more ways and bless Rick Ashley and his mission,” said Cresong.

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