A Dog Whose Life Was Changed In A Blink Of An Eye

It is a day that Cathy and Randall Patton will always remember, as their beloved hound dog was tragically injured.

“They nearly killed my dog.  My husband and I were on our porch and out of nowhere came a speeding Norfolk Southern truck. He ran off the road into the front of our house hitting our dog, Elvis.  Elvis was sleeping against the fence and I screamed, oh my gosh, he’s killed my dog,” said Cathy Patton, who is the owner of Elvis.

Back in early April,  Elvis was struck by a truck, leaving him with a crushed pelvis and right leg that was amputated due to the severity of the injuries.  The Patton’s have been left with having to care for their dog who requires much more attention as well as several medical bills that are very costly.

“I just want them to pay the vet bill, that’s not asking too much,” said Patton.  Patton has asked numerous times for the driver and the company he works for, Norfolk Southern Building, to help cover expenses.  However, Patton still has not been given an answer or received help.

On Friday, WOAY reached out to the driver and his office for an answer; however, an answer was not provided.   The Pattons have now taken further action by filing a law suit against the driver and the company, hoping this nightmare will come to an end so they can begin to move on from this tragic accident.

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