A Controversial Medical Clinic Is Now Seeing Patients

Farhat Medical Clinic opened on July 16th and neighbors are concerned with the type of activity this clinic will bring to their neighborhood.

“We’ve had family that’s been involved in this stuff and seen what it did to them. I don’t want to see it anymore and I don’t want to see it two doors away from my house,” said neighbor Janet Buckland.

The neighbors of South Kanawha Street have started a petition to rezone this area but feel this move is too little too late.

“You know even if we could get it rezoned we have to have a majority of the councilmen to do that which would be almost impossible, but if it does happen then these people are going to be grandfathered in because they are already here, said neighbor Sandra Boland.

The concerns the neighbors have of the health clinic are not only for their safety but they are also concerned about what this health clinic will do to their property values.

“You know with a bunch of druggies hanging around your property value is just going to drop,” said one neighbor.

But we talked with Mr. Berry of Tim Berry Real Estate on the phone who said he does not expect property values to be influenced at all.

“They’re not going to be a dispensary and as long as that happens I don’t see a big issue with property values in that sense,” said Tim Berry.

No matter how this issue turns out down the road, neighbors have found at least one good thing to come from this health clinic.

“You know I didn’t know a lot of people from around here but I know them now. We have just formed a bond and it is a good thing,” said Sandra Boland.

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