A Candlelight Vigil In Honor Of Chaz Richardson Was Held Tonight, Three Years After His Disappearance

GLEN DANIELS, WV – Three years ago a man named Chaz Richardson went missing in Surveyor, WV. His family still does not have the answers they are looking for, what happened?

Chaz Alfred Richardson went missing three years ago on December 3, 2015. Every year on the day of his disappearance his family holds a candlelight vigil in his honor. Still hoping to find out what exactly happened to their loved one.

“About 12 hours before he disappeared I talked to him on the phone and never did I dream ever never that, that would be the last time that I would talk to him. I never dreamed that because I would have said a lot more, but I didn’t know there’s no way to know.” Said Leisa Wellington, Mother of Chaz Richardson
Chaz Richardson, a son, a brother, a father and a friend are loved by his family, and they hold these vigils to bring awareness about his disappearance, to be his voice and to find out what happened to him.
” The answer for this kind of stuff doesn’t lie with the police. It lies with the community because it’s us that it affects.” Said Aaron Crump, Brother of Chaz Richardson
” Most painful thing in life not knowing where your child is. It’s hard enough to lose a child but not knowing; it’s a parent’s worst nightmare ever in life.” Said Wellington
The family of Chaz Richardson will continue to have these candlelight vigils until they have the answers they need and deserve.
” It keeps the word out there because people forget it doesn’t affect their life they forget about my son, but we do everything we can to make sure they don’t forget.” Said Wellington
” Hopefully this is resolved because I want my brother back.” Said Crump
” That’s all we want is Chaz.” Said Wellington
” And we’ll figure it out from there. I want my little brother back so I can get my nieces answers and try to start putting our lives back together.” Said Crump
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