A Business Tour Leading to A New Change

FAYETTEVILLE, WV – One way to find out what works for a particular area is to take a tour and that is exactly what Senator Shelley Moore Capito did.

Senator Capito took a tour today of different businesses in Fayette county that can connect to her new river gorge designation act to change the national river to a national park.
” Becoming a national park really raises the profile for visitors not just United States visitors but international visitors want to see our american national parks because there such a good resource.” Said Senator Capito

The first stop on her tour was a business that has been open for 25 years… Water Stone, a weather driven business that sales items for outdoor activities such as rock climbing.
” Changing the designation would lead to increase visitation and that is the holy grail in tourism related businesses. We need more people to come and see how amazing this area is.” Said Maura Kistler, Owner of Water Stone

The next and final destination on this tour was ace adventure resort, a resort that attracts a lot of people that come to the water park to zip line take bike tours and much more. Having a discussion on how the designation act could be a positive change.

” Which means more people into the park, more restaurants serving meals, more visitors staying overnight more people going down the river, more people rock climbing and I think because of that designation it would really make this a special place for West Virginia and I think we deserve it.” Said Sen. Capito

The new river gorge designation act could be good for the community and the economy, bringing more tourists and businesses to this area.

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