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A 3-year-old saved her dad’s life by Facetiming her mom

(ABC NEWS)- When 3-year-old Molly McCabe saw her dad fall off the couch and onto the floor two weeks ago, she thought it was just another one of the games they played together.


But minutes passed, and her father remained still, and the suddenly scared toddler began to cry and plead, “Daddy, get up. Daddy, what’s wrong?”


That’s when she picked up her father’s cellphone and used FaceTime to call her mother at work.


“I answered and she was sobbing and crying. And she was just saying, ‘Daddy, daddy, look at daddy,'” Molly’s mother Devon McCabe told ABC News.


Then Molly turned the phone to face her father, and McCabe saw her husband Trevor collapsed on the floor of their Winchester, Virginia, home.


“I just started shaking all over from head to toe. Even though I’m an intensive care nurse, I couldn’t even think straight. And Molly kept telling me, ‘Mommy please come home.'”


McCabe comforted her distraught toddler as she called neighbors and friends, who rushed to Trevor’s aid and took him to hospital.


It was there that doctors discovered Trevor had a clot in an artery in his brain that very few people survive from, and treated him for it.


Trevor is now on the way to recovery — and McCabe calls her little daughter “the biggest miracle” that saved his life.


“I’m still shocked,” she said of the July 4 incident. “I still can’t believe everything that happened.”


The feat by her daughter was especially remarkable because the little girl doesn’t yet know how to read, and there’s no picture of McCabe next to her contact information on Trevor’s phone.


“So she knew which one to pick that called me. She recognized the letters that make up my name in my husband’s phone,” McCabe said. “She didn’t call anyone else that day, it’s not like she accidentally called me. And I wasn’t the most recent call so it wasn’t like she just picked my name off the top. So I think she just remembered that when daddy calls mommy, this is what the letters look like.”


A few days later, as Trevor was set to undergo a procedure, McCabe’s coworkers gifted McCabe and both her daughters, Molly and 2-year-old Maggie, superhero costumes to celebrate the fact that Molly rescued her father. The little girl loved it so much that she refused to take it off and even napped in it.


Molly is still somewhat traumatized by the experience, however, so the McCabes are considering therapy to get her through it. They are using a GoFundMe page to raise funds for Trevor’s therapy, because both parents are on unpaid medical leave.


As for Trevor, McCabe posted a picture of him smiling on her Facebook page on Thursday, captioned, “And 15 days after I almost lost him, we headed to rehab <3.”

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