Local Police Station Spends Day Feeding Children

Alderson., WV (WOAY) -The Alderson Police Department invited local students to come by the station and grab a quick bite to eat before going out and enjoying the weather.

Jeremy Bennett Chief of Alderson Police said, “I¬†look at it like this the children have a beautiful sunny day that there not going to be in school so they will be out and about roaming the streets why not let them come by and introduce ourselves and let them get something to eat.”

Chief Bennett along with his wife went out and purchased pizza’s and drink’s then announced on their social media accounts that students could stop by. One by one students showed up, throughout the day to spend time with the department.

“Children want to come by and see us you know how they are they love to see the lights and hear the sirens and see all the things officers do, so we want them to come by and do it,” Bennett notes.

The department also felt its simple gestures like this is a great way of showing positive role models for children.

Bennett adds, “Children look up to me the same as they do the teachers so its our job to give to the children and be good to them.”

Students are invited to visit the station anytime to talk with Bennett or any other officers.

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