4 dead in London attack; 20 hurt

LONDON (AP) – British police say that 4 people dead in London attack including 1 police officer, attacker; 20 injured after a vehicle apparently hit pedestrians on a bridge near Parliament. One doctor on the scene says some of the victims have what she describes as “catastrophic” injuries.

The incident on Westminster Bridge happened around the same time as an attacker stabbed a police officer on the grounds outside Parliament and was shot by police.

A senior police commander says the attack has been declared a terrorist incident and “a full counterterrorism investigation is underway.”

Commander B.J. Harrington says “a number” of people have been injured, including police officers.

He says additional police officers, armed and unarmed, will be deployed across London during the evening rush hour as part of efforts to keep people safe.

Witness Rick Longley told the Press Association that he saw a man stab a policeman outside Britain’s Parliament.

“We were just walking up to the station and there was a loud bang and a guy, someone, crashed a car and took some pedestrians out,” he said.

“They were just laying there and then the whole crowd just surged around the corner by the gates just opposite Big Ben.

“A guy came past my right shoulder with a big knife and just started plunging it into the policeman.

“I have never seen anything like that. I just can’t believe what I just saw.”

Lawmaker Adam Holloway told the AP he saw people running and immediately ran into his offices in Parliament to be with his staff. “A lot of us are locked in with our staff at the moment,” he said.

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