DNR Police save abandoned baby bear

MONROE CO., WV (NEWS RELEASE) — When a momma bear and three cubs tried crossing a road in Monroe county, one of cubs became separated from the group due to traffic.

A witness to the event stated that the mother tried for almost an hour to get the last cub to cross the road and when she could not, she took the other two cubs and moved on. The witness checked back on the cub several times over the next day to see if he was ever reunited with his family. Several other citizens had seen the cub and reported its location.

Once it was determined that the mother was not coming back, DNR Law Enforcement Officers recovered the cub and transported it to the Beckley office where wildlife officials were waiting.

An attempt was made that day to reintroduce the cub with a surrogate family but was unsuccessful. The following day in inclement weather a different bear den was located.

Wildlife biologist Mark Richardson and bear biologist Colin Carpenter were able to place the cub with a bear who had two small cubs of her own. This practice has proved highly successful and there is a really good chance the cub will survive in his new home.

Just because a cub is seen alone does not mean that it was abandoned and should be picked up. Thanks to a concerned citizen witnessing the whole event, the proper decision could be made to relocate the cub to a different area. Please do not attempt to capture a cub, always call a DNR representative if you have knowledge of a potential problem.

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