26th Annual Kids Classic Festival Kicks Off Tomorrow

RALEIGH COUNTY, W. Va. (WOAY)- Beckley’s 26th annual Kids Classic Festival kicks off tomorrow.

This year’s theme is: “What’s your story? Many Stories, One Community.” The event lasts for nine days and includes many activities, such as bowling, swimming, and bike riding. The main event is the Kids Street Fair, which will take place next Saturday, September 7.

“It just celebrates the youth in our community and families. It makes it a great place to be and lots of fun things. One of the things when we first started it was that sometimes some of the kids are a little sad to go back to school. Some kids love going back to school, it’s a great thing, but some of them are sometimes a little sad, so this gives them something to look forward to every year,” said Jill Moorefield, the Director of Beckley Events.

For more information on their events, head over to beckley.org.

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