2017 Spartan Race Officially Kicks Off

Determination, excitement and strength are the three words that kicked off this morning’s Spartan Race here in West Virginia.


This year, the beautiful Summit Bechtel Reserve is hosting its first ever Spartan Race.  The Spartan Race consists of a series of different obstacles of varying distance and difficulty.  The races range from three miles to marathon distances.   The Spartan race offers some of the most intense obstacle courses for adults and children.  The Spartans Kid’s Race is designed to be fun for participants while focusing on developing a  method for adventure and fitness.  


Brothers, Owen and Garrett Shilling, said that hard work and teamwork are the most important things to remember during the race. “We have to encourage people and stuff like that and work hard to overcome obstacles,” they said. 


 Today’s race included the “Super” and the “Sprint”.   The “Super” course is 8 to 10 miles with many different obstacles during the race. The Sprint is the shortest distance race at 3 to 5 miles. 


The Spartan Race draws people from all over the United States to compete in this event,  including one spectator who is unable to compete but has in the past years.


“I have done Spartan Races before. Just this year I got hurt, so I can’t compete in this year’s race,” said Meghan Dinarti, who traveled all the way from New York.  


Many participants come to take on the challenge and even watch family, friends and loved ones participate in the race. 


The race continues until Sunday afternoon, and then will be on the road to the next Spartan Race location.

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