2017 Spartan Race Kicks Off With Randy Moss

Sweat, tears, and determination described competitors on Friday, as it marked the first day of the 2017 Spartan Race. 

“My goal for today is to finish without killing myself,” said Jonathan Jessup, a competitor from Bluefield. Friday’s race had over 30 competitors and one of those competitors just so happen to be West Virginia native and football legend, Randy Moss. Moss who was born and raised in West Virginia and attended Marshall University, kicked off the race to not only cheer the competitors on but also face the challenge with them as well.

“My biggest thing is really hydrating and pacing yourself. You are racing against the course and I think that a lot of people are saying, they’re going against Randy Moss, but no you are racing against the course,” said Moss. Friday’s race also raised money for the Spartan Foundation. Moss added, “I am bringing it back here to West Virginia, hopefully some people just come out and support the cause. I have always held my standards up very high when dealing with kids. The Spartan Foundation gives kids those chances that a lot of us never had. Me, just being able to give back to some kids and help Spartan raise some money.”

“I was just super happy, I wanted to challenge myself today, try to run fast. I had a really good group I was running with out there, everyone was super fast and encouraging each other. But, I was just trying to have fun,” said the winner of Friday’s race, Rob Johnson of Matthews, North Carolina.

The Spartan Race this weekend is expected to have more than 10,000 competitors and there is still time left to sign up for the race.

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