2012 Republican Congressional Nominee begins journey to fill seat Cong. Jenkins vacating

BECKLEY, WV (NEWS RELEASE)  – Admittedly surprised by Evan Jenkins’ early announcement to seek a US Senate seat in 2018;2012 Republican Congressional Nominee Rick Snuffer will appear on 800 WVHU’s Tom Roten Morning Show in Huntington on Tuesday May 9th, to announce his intentions for the WV-03 Congressional seat.

The former 1 term state legislator says he was approached a little over a month ago about being ready to run forthe seat when Congressman Jenkins’ announced his US Senate run; “but Evan’s announcement today was a littleearlier than I expected.”

Snuffer is currently serving as an Instructor for Adult Career Technical Education in West Virginia and continues to run his construction business when not teaching.

“I’m not the typical political type the Washington establishment usually comes running after when there is an open Congressional seat like this; but I do represent the hard working, everyday West Virginians that live throughout our 3rd Congressional District,” Snuffer offered.

“I’ve lived and worked throughout so many Counties here in the 3rd District and to serve our people as their Representative in our Nation’s Capital would be an honor.”

When asked about other possible entries into the race; Snuffer replied, “I’ve heard some names, but after seeing the polling in 2014 against much stronger, better known candidates; I like where we stand.”

Snuffer holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Bluefield State College and is currently pursuing his Master’s Degree in Adult Technical Education through Marshall University.

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