2-year-old dies after wind gust blows over bounce pad

(ABC NEWS)- A young Nebraska boy died tragically after a bounce pad he was playing on with his sister caught a gust of wind, the sheriff’s office said.

Caleb Acuna, 2, and his sister, Aura, 5, were playing on the bounce pad during a private event on the night of Oct. 3 at JK’s Pumpkin Patch, just north of Lincoln, Nebraska.

They were playing on the bounce pad at around 6.p.m. when a strong gust of wind lifted the pad from its stakes and overturned it, according to a statement from the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office that was released Friday.


“Aura was thrown off the pad; however, Caleb remained on the pad as it tumbled and sustained a head injury,” read the statement.

“The Lancaster Sheriff’s Office regrets to inform you that the young child injured in the bounce pad incident at a local pumpkin patch on Wednesday night has died,” it continued.


Raymond Fire and Rescue, Valparaiso Fire and Rescue and Lincoln Fire and Rescue responded to the incident. The two children were sent to Bryan Health West Campus for their injuries.

“Aura suffered a broken arm during the incident and Caleb suffered a critical head injury,” the statement said.


The 2-year-old boy was pronounced dead at the hospital at 12:45 p.m. on Thursday.

The statement concluded, “The Lancaster County Attorney has ordered an autopsy in this case and the investigation is ongoing.”


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