$2.3 Million Water Expansion Comes To Union

UNION,WV (WOAY) -A special ribbon cutting was held in Union to celebrate the completion of a new water expansion project.

The Town of Union just received a $2.3 million water extension. The new expansion extends into the Pickaway area which allows customers to either continue using “wells” or have their water service through Union.

Union Mayor, Caroline Spark said, “This will allow us to provide water to a little league park, 111 houses and 10 new businesses.”

The town only had to contribute $11,600, several federal grants funded the project. Senator Shelly Moore Capito had a major hand in obtaining those funds.

“Clean water is something you take for granted but if you never had it I think it’s a real challenge in terms of quality of life, business and selling property. Fortunately Union no longer has to worry about that,” Capito said.

Previously the Town of Union had a 300,000 gallon water storage tank and that now has been increased to 690,000. Mayor Sparks told Newswatch, the water storage will be very useful during winter months because water pipes tend to freeze and burst.

“In January my water operator called me at 10 p.m. saying we were loosing over 100,000 gallons which was more than what our tanks were filling up so by morning we’d be out of water,” Sparks added.

Local business UTC Aerospace will also reap benefits as they to now have a reliable water source. Officials say just over 70 new jobs have been created thanks to the tank.

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