19th Annual Oak Leaf Festival

The 19th annual Oak Leaf Festival ended its fall celebration today in Oak Hill. The festival started on Friday with music, food and fireworks.


 Today’s events kicked off with a car and motorcycle show, where festival visitors were able to feast their eyes on chrome and classic cars while listening to music performed by local bands.


Residents of Oak Hill’s favorite part of the festival is, “Probably just walking around seeing all the cool stuff. Deep-fried Oreos are always a hit,” said Jay Stuart, who attended the festival with his daughter, Lily.


 One of the most anticipated events of the festival was the annual chili cook-off contest.  This is the 14th annual cook-off, and one that is enjoyed by those competing to win the contest, as well as festival participants who sample the chili. 


 “15 entries are entered and we’ve got some judges that are gonna pick their favorite chili, and then our queen picks her favorite and then we do a crowd choice too,” Kristi Artha-Rader, the director of the Oak Leaf Festival, shared information with us about the chili cook off contest.


The festival ended the night with a firework show for residents to enjoy.


 “Just a really good time, and Oak Hill has been doing a great job trying to get the community involved. So I’m just really glad that we could be here and support Oak Hill because the city leaders are putting a lot of time in, and are trying to get citizens of Oak Hill to have a good time, and I just really appreciate it,” said Jay Stuart, a resident of Oak Hill.


 The Oak Leaf Festival is an event that many residents and families look forward to attending each year as they celebrate Fall. 

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