$15 Million Dollar Transmission Line Upgrade Comes To Pax

PAX.,WV (WOAY)- Appalachian Power held an open house, so that local Pax residents could receive all the details on the changes that are upcoming.

The $15 million transmission line upgrade will extend from the Scarbro Substation to the Pax Branch Substation, totaling just under six miles. The existing lines have been there for decades.

Philip A. Moye, AEP Communications Manager said,” It’s one that’s been here since the 1920’s so you’ve got about a 90 year old line and were looking at replacing structures and the line with a brand new modern facility.”

The upgrade will replace old wooden structures, with new steel ones which will decrease the chances for residents to have a potential power outage. Lines will be parallel or adjacent to the current transmission lines. The new structures will be have a stronger kilo volt output as well.

“The existing line is built at a 46K volts an that’s what were going to put in place but we’re building the line to a 69K volt standard so, if there’s a need for a future capacity then this line will be able to accommodate it,” Moye added.

Appalachian Power maintains that community members don’t need to worry about their electricity rates increasing. “With this line we won’t file a specific case with the public service commissioner for a rate increase.”

Survey work for the transmission line will begin in June while the construction will start in November, with a projected finishing date June, 2019.

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