10 constituents stage die-in in Senator Capito’s office

CHARLESTON (WOAY) – Ten constituents have staged a die-in at Senator Capito’s office regarding the
pending federal tax bill, scheduled for a vote this week.

“I am on Medicare, and this tax bill will lead to more cuts,” said Betsy Forrester, a South Charleston
resident and grandmother participating in the die-in. “This budget will cost the government revenue and
then the politicians will say that they have to cut funding for social programs. Congress has already said
that they want to cut Medicare, Medicaid and other healthcare programs by $1.8 trillion over the next
decade. We can’t let that happen.”

According to the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, the wealthiest one percent of Americans
would receive 24 percent of the benefits of the Senate’s plan in 2019. By the time the bill is fully
implemented in 2027, nearly 200,000 West Virginia families would actually see their taxes increase
under the plan.

Additionally, the CBO estimates that the Senate plan would result in another 13 million Americans losing
health insurance and an approximately 10% increase in marketplace premiums.

Participants have staged the die-in in Senator Capito ’s office to symbolize the millions of Americans who
will be harmed by the loss of insurance coverage and cuts to federal healthcare spending. They have a
banner reading, “Healthcare for All, Not Tax Cuts for the Rich.”

“A budget is a moral document. It sets out the values and priorities of the people who wrote it,” said
Reverend Patterson Lyles, one of the die-in participants. “This budget puts the interests of the
wealthiest Americans first. We want a budget that puts money and resources into the hands of ordinary
people who are struggling to get by. We want a budget that funds healthcare for all of us, quality
education and other basic services, not more tax cuts for the rich.”

Senator Capito has not responded to multiple constituent requests for town hall meetings.

“While Senator Capito and other members of Congress are voting to hurt West Virginians, we need to
organize and fight for what we want – a Medicare for All universal healthcare system that would cover
everyone,” said Joe Solomon. Rise Up West Virginia is organizing a “Healthcare for All” forum next
Thursday, Dec 7th at 6:30pm at Mary C. Snow Elementary to build support for universal healthcare.
Facebook Live footage of the die-in is available at www.facebook.com/RiseUpWV. Participants will be
available at 1:15pm outside Senator Capito’s office at the corner of Virginia St. and Laidley St. for

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