Say it ain't Snow!

Good Evening! It is a chilly one out there right now. Clouds have kept our temperatures in the mid to upper 40s and that is where we currently sit. We are dry and will remain dry through the evening.

Temperatures will fall into the mid 30s by the morning hours so we are in for a chilly night. Overall the night will be quiet and calm. We will start Friday off with mostly cloudy skies and chilly temperatures. We only warm things up into the mid to upper 40s. Showers will be possible during the afternoon, but most of the rain will not move in until the late afternoon and early evening. Trick-or-Treating will most likely be wet and will definitely be chilly. Make sure the costumes are warm and don't forget the umbrella. The good news is we are not expecting any snow during the trick-or-treat hours.

Temperatures will continue to drop during the overnight hours. A wintry mix will be possible after midnight and during the overnight. That could make for some slick road conditions at times. We will see a transition to all snow in higher elevations first, then the rest of us will follow suit by the morning. Accumulations will not be major, but this is an elevation dependent storm. Those of you in elevations 3000' or higher could see anywhere from 3-6" of snow. The hardest hit areas will be to our south in the western Virginia and Tennesee mountains. Those of you in Webster, eastern Nicholas, northern Greenbrier and Pocahontas counties could also see anywhere from 3-6". The rest of us are expecting anywhere from a dusting on grassy surfaces to 3 inches. This could make travel hazardous during the early morning on Saturday, but we are not looking at blockbuster numbers.

A Winter Storm Warning goes into effect at 8 PM Friday and will last until 8 PM Saturday for Tazewell county.
A Winter Weather Advisory goes into effect at 8 PM Friday and will last until 2 PM Saturday for McDowell and Wyoming County.

Keep in mind winds will be strong, especially in the mountains. Lowlands could see winds 10-20 MPH with gusts up to 30 MPH while high elevations could see winds 20-30MPH with gusts up to 50 MPH. This could lead to some downed limbs and possibly a few isolated power outages.

Saturday will bring gradual clearing by the afternoon. Temperatures will remain very cold in the mid to upper 30s. We are stuck in the 30s on Sunday as well, but will remain dry.

Monday and Tuesday look much better. We will bring back the sunshine and warm things up into the mid to upper 50s on Monday and the low 60s on Tuesday.

Our next chance of rain will come into play Wednesday night.

- Forecast by StormWatch Meteorologist Heidi Moore

-If you want a check of the forecast without needing to come to the website; Brad, Heidi and Kevin invite you to check them out on Facebook Here or on Twitter @WOAYStormWatch!!!


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