Things Improve Tomorrow

Dry and sunny days are ahead, but first we're continuing to see widespread cloud cover!

Not only are seeing see the dark clouds today, but chilly temperatures that are slow to increase through the day. Low 40s to start and mid 40s by noon will gradually increase a few more degrees before cooling off tonight.

Tonight, sky conditions will become partly cloudy and lows to return into the 30s and 40s. Expect to see more sunshine by Friday afternoon. Highs Friday to top out near 57, and low 60s for the weekend. 70s! Believe or not in the planning forecast for Monday and Tuesday of next week.

- Forecast by StormWatch Meteorologist Kevin Jacobs

-If you want a check of the forecast without needing to come to the website; Brad, Heidi and Kevin invite you to check them out on Facebook Here or on Twitter @WOAYStormWatch!!!


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