A Brief Warm Up

The weekend is here, so let's make the best of what's to come!

Warm temperatures are returning briefly for the weekend into the first part of the next work week. But first, we're in for one last cold night with lows dipping back into the lower 20s and upper teens for some of us. It'll be a cold night across the board, yet it won't be as blustery since conditions are calm and no longer dealing with those gusty (NW) directional winds.

Clear skies tonight will transition into sunny skies for Saturday. Expect highs to be some 20 degrees warmer than the previous two days along with light winds out of the south. Highs: 40s and 50s! Sunshine to stick around for Sunday and Monday with slightly warmer weather near 60 by Monday afternoon.

Look for increasing cloud cover to build in for Sunday. We'll look for wet weather to work in during mid afternoon Sunday and again Monday afternoon. Cooler air moves back in by Tuesday as we gradually slip below average for much of next week into Thanksgiving Day.

A slight chance of snow is possible for Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday. Near freezing temperatures for Black Friday... Braving the cold to cash in on those red hot deals just might bring some warmth to you after all.

Enjoy the warm up and your weekend!

Kevin Jacobs | Meteorologist

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