WOAY History

WOAY-TV was founded in 1954 by Robert Russell Thomas, Jr. WOAY was the first television station in the Beckley - Oak Hill - Bluefield area. WOAY remains one of the few family owned and operated television stations in the country.

The company started in 1947, when Mr. Thomas started operating the WOAY-AM radio station, followed by the WOAY-FM radio station in 1948. When the company started broadcasting television, WOAY-TV aired programs with the Dumont Network and later CBS. Since 1967, WOAY-TV has been an ABC Network affiliate.

WOAY-TV was known as Channel 4 until the digital transition in 2009, when WOAY officially became Digital Channel 50. WOAY was the first television station in the state to broadcast in HDTV.

WOAY is committed to bringing you breaking news and weather that affects your life. We are committed to being the station you turn to for information that affects our communities.

For questions or comments concerning our news coverage, please e-mail us at news@woay.com or kconner@woay.com WOAY-TV News Director

For a detailed history and information on WOAY-TV go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WOAY-TV


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