Lives honored as lives are saved

Local - 1/30/2014 6:04 PM by Stuart Hammer

GHENT – January 30, 2007. A day that would rock the live of four families, and an entire community in Southern West Virginia.

Four people lost their lives that day when a propane take at a Little General convenience store in Ghent exploded.

Seven years later, their legacy lives on. A blood drive is keeping the memory alive.

"I think they'd be proud,” says Betty Burroughs, the mother of a victim.

“I know Fred would. The way I look at it and what helps me along is knowing that he's in a better place than we are."

"I’ll tell you like this, sometimes the simplest thing that people do means the most," says Hazel Burroughs, the widow of Fred.

“A lot of people have money but when someone gives their blood to save another life, that's awesome. What more could you ask for?" says Hazel.

Right now all that stands at the site of the old Little General are just a few crosses, some wreathes, and flowers. But members of the families say they want a more permanent memorial to honor the victims. But they need your help to make that happen.

"I can't wait until they get that monument up there built. I think they're supposed to start that in the spring," says Betty.

You can give blood at the Beckley center to support the families, or donate to the First Community Bank in Daniels to help make the memorial happen.


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