Day 1 for murder trial

Local - 1/30/2014 4:58 PM by Rachael Cardin
WELCH - A McDowell County man faced a judge and jury, as well as 1st degree murder charges.

28-year-old Earl Click of Grundy is charged with killing the former Mayor of War, 72-year-old Thomas Hatcher. Back in July of 2012 the body of the former Mayor was found in his home. Click's sister, 32-year-old Rebecca Hatcher, was acquitted of a murder charge in November 2013. The judge declared a mistrial on her conspiracy charge and a retrial is scheduled in February. Rebecca Hatcher was the Mayor's daughter-in-law and had been living with him after her husband was thrown in jail. Forensic specialists, neighbors and others that had interacted with the former Mayor, took the stand as witnesses on Thursday. The trial is ongoing.

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