Snow plow driver charged with DUI

Local - 1/30/2014 4:48 PM by Rachael Cardin
KEYSTONE - A state employee was arrested on the job, after deputies said he was driving drunk while operating large equiptment.

56-year-old Thomas Henderson of Elkhorn was charged with driving under the influence and defective equipment. Henderson was working for the state Division of Highways, clearing the roads with a large plow when deputies pulled him over on Burke Mountain near Keystone. Officials said the original stop was for having a headlight out, but the deputy that made the stop said he could smell alcohol on the driver's breath. After failing all 3 field sobirety tests Henderson was arrested. A blood alcohol reading for a driver with a CDL license must be below .04. Officials said Henderson blew a .09. Sheriff of McDowell county said driving in the area can be dangerous in general.

"More people get killed for driving under the influence, and this county, the mountain terrain and the roads and we don't have the best highways. It's a serious thing," said Sheriff Martin B. West.

Henderson's CDL license is currently suspended and he will lose it if convicted. The trial has not yet been set and Henderson is out of jail on $500 bond.


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