Two runaway juveniles are found

Local - 1/29/2014 4:29 PM by Rachael Cardin

BECKWITH - Two juveniles who ran away from a non-secure detention facility in Fayette County have been located and are being treated for the early stages of hypothermia.


17-year-old James Evans and 13-year-old Joshua Smith were both found after the Fayette County Sheriff's Department K-9 unit was able to track them down. Officials said the 2 ran away from the New River Ranch facility in Beckwith around 6:30 Tuesday night. The boys were out in freezing temperatures with -0 wind chill for more than 5 hours. Smith sought shelter at a residence after suffering from the elements, while homeowners phoned officials. The older of the 2 was still attempting to hide, but the blood hound team tracked him down.  Captain Jim Sizemore said that the lives of these boys were saved because of efforts from the k-9 unit.


“Both boys, when they were located, were in the early stages of hypothermia with uncontrolled shivering and lower core temperatures. Both of them were transported to the hospital for treatment. It's highly likely that, had they not been located, they could easily have died last night,” said Capt. Sizemore.


Once these two boys have been released from the hospital, it will be up to the judge who originally placed them to decide where they will be sent.


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