Senate passes bill to prevent future chemical leaks

Local - 1/28/2014 5:59 PM by Rachael Cardin

CHARLESTON - Senate addresses the chemical spill in Charleston, by taking preventative steps.


 The West Virginia State Senate passed a bill regulating above ground storage tanks; they hope it will prevent future issues with chemicals leaking into drinking water.


John Unger, Senate Majority Leader from Berkeley County, said, "this is a testimony to what happened and how West Virginians respond where they're demanding action; not just research and study, but they want action. Today the senate provided that action.”


Corey Palumbo, a Senator from Kanawha County, whose constituents were extremely effected, said he knew the Senate would rally to pass this bill:  “I'm certainly not surprised that everyone sort of united around this cause and supporting this bill and I think everyone realizes that there was a gap in our regulations that sort of contributed to this situation happening and I think everyone realized that we needed to come together; we needed to fill that gap. I think this bill is a great step forward to minimize the chances of something like this happening in the future.”


Water was the hot topic on the Senate Floor, but Senators agreed that something must be done.


Unger said, "this is one of the debates of a bill that is one of the first I've seen that so many people spoke on it and every Senator voted for it, but it shows the importance of water, not only in the Kanawha Valley, but all throughout West Virginia."


The Senate floor did quiet down after more than an hour of discussion.  Although the bill was passed and moves onto the House, it's has the potential for many changes.


"I expect that they would take up what we have. I'm hoping if they have other ideas and input that they would be able to provide that, but in no way should we weaken it this would be an injustice to the people here," said Unger. "There's gunna be other things that we can do an we will do it .we sill continue to press forward and put other protections in place."


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