DEP Day at Capitol building

Local - 1/28/2014 5:58 PM by Rachael Cardin

CHARLESTON - The State Capitol hosted an annual event to promote an agency, showcasing what it does for the state on the local level.


The Department of Environmental Protection has a lot to do with water and its treatment. Coincidentally, Tuesday was DEP Day at the State Capitol and a display was set up explaining what the DEP does for regulatory purposes. The Sustainability Officer for this agency said he was pleased to hear about the Senate's decision to pass the current bill; even though this department does not handle drinking water. The DEP regulates water coming in and out of the waterways, and said the resource is crucial to any state.


“What we regulate are those activities where people may be using water for cooling purposes and then putting it back into the stream, or where people may be taking water out, never putting it back...but then we also have to maintain the quantity of that water because there may be a water intake or something further down the stream. So really what we're regulating are the activities in and around the stream,” said Greg Adofson.


As well as water, these officials also regulate land and air; three vital resources for any state.


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