President of AEP visits Beckley

Local - 1/28/2014 4:35 PM by Stuart Hammer

BECKLEY – The president of Appalachian Power visits Beckley this afternoon speaking to the Rotary Club. Among his topics is the future of energy.

AEP President Charles Patton delivered his forecast for the future of energy and coal use.

He says coal will remain a cheap and reliable source of energy, but policy changes and piles of paper are reducing its effectiveness.

Still, Patton says all of that energy has been running well across Southern West Virginia during this bitter cold spell. Crews are working hard to keep the grid up, but you can help keep the system ticking too.

“To the extent that folks can drop their thermostat a few degrees or maybe turn off a few lights, it just lowers the demand on the system,” says Patton.

“It just gives us that little bit of cushion that hopefully keeps something from failing that might otherwise fail.”

Given the extreme cold temperatures, Patton says the AEP system has been running exceptionally well.


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