AAA Roadside Rescue Team sees increase in calls this winter

Local - 1/27/2014 4:35 PM by Rebecca Turco
BECKLEY - So far this winter, the AAA Roadside Rescue Team responded to nearly 2,000 calls for help from West Virginia area motorists.

One of the highest number of requests was for battery service, where there was a 27 percent increase from this time last year, according to AAA District Office Supervisor Crissy Gray. AAA also saw an increase of nearly 20 percent in the number of request for tire service.

AAA Representatives said most of the calls to the Roadside Rescue Team have been due to doors being frozen shut, or tires with low pressure from the rapid change in cold weather.

Gray said it is beneficial to know the weather forecast before you hit the road. "Just make sure that you're aware of the road conditions," she explained. "Try to keep it safe and just watch everyone around you, as well."

Below are some winter car care tips from AAA:

-       If your vehicle has not been driven in the past day or two, before the frigid temperatures arrive, start your vehicle, let it warm up for several minutes and drive it for a few miles. Don't just run it for a couple of minutes and shut it off without driving it because you will end up depleting the cranking power of the battery. If possible have the battery tested by a trained technician.
-       Keep your gas tank at least half full to provide extra "running time" if you get stranded.
-       Start vehicle and let it warm up a few minutes before driving to allow fluids (oil, transmission fluid, etc.) to warm up.
-       Be sure to have the proper amount of antifreeze in your vehicle to prevent engine block freezing. Also be sure to check your entire cooling system, including hoses, belts, thermostat and radiator.

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