Three water breaks in four days

Local - 1/27/2014 4:37 PM by Stuart Hammer

RUPERT – A Greenbrier County community suffers without water again. Three breaks in the line over the last four days.

The town of Rupert and its old water system is struggling through this winter as cracks in the main lines have led to pressure problems.

Officials say patch-jobs over the last week in other breaks have led to excess pressure and air in the lines, causing the latest outage.

A crack in a four-inch pipe, three feet in the ground.

“It was a weak spot, is what it was,” says Rupert Water Superintendent Wanda Sanford, “And probably where the lines were drained and whenever we turned it back on the pressure probably made it bow out again.”

Rupert Water has repaired the line tonight, and service is currently being restored.

But officials are weary of the potential of another break. They say they will be taking precautions to bleed the lines by opening up fire hydrants.


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