Fayette County locals file for office

Local - 1/25/2014 5:45 PM by Stuart Hammer

FAYETTEVILLE – Today was the final day to add your name to the ballots for three offices in Fayette County, and several locals stopped into the County Clerk’s office to register last-minute.

“You can file for the District Conservation Supervisor,” says Kelvin Holliday in the County Clerk’s office, “You can file for the Board of Education - we're electing 3 of the 5 seats - and County Commissioner.”

A total of 25 names are on file for the three offices. According to officials, the most contested position is for the Fayette Co. School Board where at least six candidates are vying for three seats, and three incumbents are up for re-election.

This is what officials call an off-year election, meaning only a handful of positions are open. But that hasn't shied people away from running.

Two names are on the ballot for County Commission, but only one will win. Don Beals is running against incumbent Denise Scalph.


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