Crews busy keeping roads clear

Local - 1/25/2014 5:43 PM by Stuart Hammer

BECKLEY – Taking care of slippery road conditions is the priority for the West Virginia Department of Highways tonight.

Officials at the DOH in Beckley have more than 20 trucks on the road spreading salt and pushing snow.

With two 12-hour shifts for drivers it has been an exhausting winter.

The ice has been the toughest to beat, but they say it could be worse. Their salt is struggling to stick to the roads with the ice and slush, making it that much harder to clear.

But truck drivers continue to work around the clock to make it safe.

David Adkins drives a one-ton truck for the DOH, and he says it’s been early mornings and long nights.

“Seven o'clock today. I've worked 60 hours since Tuesday. We got it cleaned up, then it snows, we gotta clean it back up.”

Battling the road grime has been another struggle for the DOH, as salt deposits collect on the equipment making it impossible to spread.


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