Changes coming to school calendar

Local - 1/24/2014 5:08 PM by Stuart Hammer
FAYETTEVILLE - Nine snow days and counting have forced a change in the school calendar policy in Fayette County.

The current calendar in Fayette Co. allows for just eight make-up days, meaning any snow days from here out will not be made up.

But thanks to Senate Bill 359 which passed last year, schools will now be required to have 180 days of class regardless of when they are made up.

And that's a big deal for students who rely on the school system for more than just an education, says David Seay, Director of Nutrition for Fayette County Schools.

"The one concern that I have is, some students rely on the school system for two meals a day. And when you miss a week or, so far, 9 days, that does impact kids that rely on school meals."

The new law also increases the window for scheduling classes, from 43 weeks up to 48 weeks.


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