Raleigh County Schools have had 9 snow days

Local - 1/24/2014 4:44 PM by Rachael Cardin

RALEIGH COUNTY - Raleigh County Schools have stepped over their allotted amount of snow days after being forced to use them for inclement weather.

Superintendent for Raleigh County Schools said they're still functioning on the old system. The year started off with 6 "out-of-school days" and 2 additional "continuing-ed days." These days are used for inclement weather as needed. Raleigh County has now had 9 snow days, cutting even further into their school calendar.

The Superintendent said next year this will no longer be an issue, once Senate Bill 359 takes effect. The bill will require schools to complete 180 days, no matter what. Snow days may be tacked on to the end of the school year well into June if weather next winter follows this patten.

"We will look at the road conditions, the weather pattern, and determine whether or not it's safe for us to have school. If it's not safe, we'll cancel school. If we can get by with a 2 hour delay, then we'll make that decision. But we wanna try and do the best we can to preserve instructional time, but we'll never put that in front of the safety of our children," said Superintendent James Brown of Raleigh County Schools.

With snow in the forecast, it seems likely that Raleigh County will face this decision again in the near future.


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