National High School Rodeo Assoc. Conference hits WV

Local - 1/23/2014 5:05 PM by Rachael Cardin

DANIELS - High school students from across the country gathered on Thursday with sponsors and organizers to plan for the upcoming year's competitions.

The National High School Rodeo Association (NHSRA) met this week at The Resort at Glade Springs to plan for the rodeo competitions. The event is being held in West Virginia because the President of the organization is a native of Lewisburg, and the high school President is from Saint Albens. Over 200 people talked sponsorship, scholarship, participation, and budgeting. Organizers said they like to include the high schoolers in this process to excite and motivate them.

Prizes for the Rodeo winners also include scholarship opportunities. These kids said the hard work is worth it, and the atmosphere is what keeps them coming back. “It's pretty tough, but all the competitors are together and we all cheer each other on, no matter what. We're all a big family,” said WV Student Secretary, Emily Parent.


The Student President, Drew Asbury, said, “there's a good camaraderie, a lot of people that always help each other. It's not like any other sport. You're not competing against someone else, you're competing with them. It's not a team sport to an extent, but everybody helps everybody. I ride bulls; in bull riding you're not competing against your buddy on the other shoot, you're competing against the bull you're riding. So it's just not like any other sport there is.”


Asbury said the association is hoping to get more students involved in the sport and he invited anyone interested to attend their upcoming events set for March 28-30.


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