Tiffany Ramsey waived preliminary hearing

Local - 1/22/2014 7:08 PM by Rachael Cardin

RAINELLE - A Rainelle woman waived her right to a preliminary hearing on Wednesday after being charged with 1 count of forgery and 1 count of uttering. Tiffany Ramsey forged her adoptive mothers name on 37 separate checks, but Rainelle police say that’s not the full story. The biggest issue in this case, is the ruling of Magistrate Judge Brenda Smith.


"Tiffany, I said if you don't quit over drafting me at the bank I'm gunna have to prosecute," said adoptive mother Mary Ramsey when she first realized where her money was going.


Even as the victim, Mary Ramsey has a soft spot for her adoptive daughter, but knows a harsh sentence could be the best thing for both parties: "I feel sorry for her, to have to go back to jail and spend all that time in jail but I feel relieved getting her out of my house. She'll be an old lady when she gets out, the way I looked at it, and I said then maybe she'll be too old to get out here and do the things that she's doing now. Maybe she will straighten up and there'll be a little bit of hope for her I don't know," said Ramsey


Not only was Tiffany Ramsey accused of 37 counts of forgery and uttering, but she even admitted to writing those 37 checks. Officials here said the biggest issue they've had is with the Magistrate Judge who only charged her for 2 counts of the over 50 that she had originally admitted to.


"There was 37 checks that was forged and passed off and then she also, after being advised of her Miranda rights and stuff like that, she confessed to that. The magistrate found probable cause only on one count of each," said Chief of Rainelle Police, J.P. Stevens.


Stevens expressed his frustration with Magistrate Smith and said her judgment inflicts on his ability to enforce the law.


"These charges right here can help me; help get this girl back off the streets. She spend six years in the penitentiary, been out on the streets for 8 months, comes back and commits the same crimes again. This girl definitely needs to be put off the streets"


Stevens said he has had problems with Smith before, but nothing has been resolved, furthermore, she is poorly serving the people; "she is supposed to be for the citizens there; that's who put her in there and it just seems like we're having a hard time with her and in really thinking she has a personal issue with us."


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