Burgess sentenced to 12 months home incarceration for domestic battery

Local - 1/22/2014 12:15 PM by Rebecca Turco

BECKLEY - A former Raleigh County deputy is sentenced to twelve months home incarceration after pleading guilty to domestic battery of his daughter.

Randy Burgess will also not be allowed contact with the victim until the probation officer approves.

Burgess had been charged with misdemeanor battery after admitting to striking his nine-year-old daughter. He said police training prompted him to chase his daughter around their home when she ran from him. Because of this conviction, he is banned from law enforcement work for life.

Prosecuting Attorney Kristen Keller explained the photographic evidence of the victim's injuries, saying domestic battery cases can see repeat offenders. “When it's happened once, of course you have to worry that it will happen again,” Keller said. “That little girl was horrifically battered and the photos don't lie.”

Keller said Burgess’ daughter wants contact with her him and the judge took that into consideration with his sentencing. Once Burgess is released from home incarceration (or if he violates his terms, once he is released from jail), he will be required to register as a child abuse offender for a period of ten years.

Burgess faces pending felony charges for a separate incident of fraud with an access device, breaking and entering of an automobile, embezzlement and impersonating a law enforcement officer. That trial date has not yet been set.


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